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Our Mission

Making Mortgages Disappear

Our goal is to help you achieve financial independence by helping you better understand HOW to pay off your mortgage, sooner rather than later. We believe that everyone has the means to take back their financial independence when it comes to owning your home.

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Our Personal Story

After purchasing many investment properties and refinancing her primary residence, Marie Bailey, founder of Mortgage Me Free, was frustrated with the financial tools available when it came to mortgage planning.

She set out with the goal to create a dynamic tool that was comprehensive, easy to use, and personable to each and every user’s unique finances.

After much hard work the dynamic payoff schedule was born. A unique tool that can help you payoff your mortgage fast and STOP financial lenders from taking your hard-earned money.

Our Founder

Meet Marie Bailey

With a career in the Navy and 35+ years of financial experience, Marie Bailey is just the woman to help you take back your financial freedom.

Her unique dynamic payoff schedule helped her…

  • Completely payed off 2 homes
  • Owned multiple rentals
  • Re-asses her finances to save BIG for her future
Marie Bailey the Founder

Start Saving Thousands NOW

The average homeowner can turn their 30-year fixed mortgage into a 12–14-year mortgage by using the Mortgage Me Free Interactive Amortization Schedule.